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Julie McGinnity kaybaycar at gmail.com
Thu May 26 01:56:05 UTC 2011

Hi everyone.  I'm passing this along for anyone who is interested.
How do you feel about community service? Do you volunteer your time
once in a while in the community or with your local church and want to
find other blind individuals to connect with? Do you find community
service interesting but are not sure that you as a blind person can
get involved or don’t know how to begin?

Here's your opportunity!

We are a small group of people interested in doing community service.
We enjoy giving back , and we believe that it is important for blind
people to get involved in the community.

So if you enjoy community service, or if you are interested in
possibly doing some community service work in the future, please join
us!  We are always welcoming new members.

We hold monthly conference calls during which we present a topic for
discussion or have a guest speaker talk about his/her community
service experiences.  We also have a blog where we post summaries of
our conference calls and welcome personal stories about the service
work people like you do. We even have a list serve that allows us to
connect, share stories, ask questions, and post articles/announcements
about topics of interest related to community service.

Our blog is located at http://nfbcommunityservice.wordpress.com/.

Or join our list serve by going to

Please feel free to contact us at nfbcsoutreach at gmail.com if you have
any questions or  new ideas or wish to get involved.

Julie McG
 Lindbergh High School class of 2009, participating member in Opera
Theater's Artist in Training Program, and proud graduate of Guiding
Eyes for the Blind

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that
everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal
John 3:16

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