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Jim Moynihan
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Hi Mr. M!

JC mentioned that you couldn't find the e-mail I sent out about Sammy's birth.  Here's a resend.  I believe you sent this out when Sammy was born (around October 1st) to most of your friends.  But JC said you met someone else that you wanted to send it to.  I'll also be sending Halloween pictures shortly.

Kristen & Sammy

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Subject: Samuel James Moynihan is Born!
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Hello Grandpa M!

I've attached two pictures of your grandchild, Samuel James Moynihan, for you to send out to friends and family.  He was born on Monday, September 26th at 9:54 am.  He was 7 lbs 15.2 oz and 21 inches long at birth.  One picture is of you and Sam, the next one is Sam right after birth - once he's cleaned up.

For more pictures, invite anyone to visit http://jkmoynihan.shutterfly.com/.  I have the pictures from the first three days of little Sammy's life already posted.  We've got more on camera's...but I haven't had the chance to upload them.  If anyone would be interested in becoming members of the site, have them request on the website or e-mail me at loeschk at gmail.com.  Members will receive a weekly summary of updates (with the link to the site), which will let them know when we've posted more pictures of Sammy!  I also post all of the pictures from the family events, so it's a good way to see what we're all up to!

Kristen & James
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