[Nfbmo] hard drive prices

Bryan Schulz b.schulz at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 25 05:28:17 UTC 2011


i didn't realize how bad the flood in thailand drove up hard drive prices until i looked a few hours ago.
i bought two wd 2tb ears 32k drives and a patriot nas box for a guy and got him setup with a good way to backup his data and share files about this time last year.
those drives were $80 from new egg and now they are $200.
i read a blog that said the wd plant had four feet of water from the disaster and that plant may never crank out drives again and it doesn't matter if you prefer another brand because the other companies have jacked up their prices about the same amount under the same excuse even if they didn't suffer plant damage.

i have been using just a single drive in an enclosure connected to a patriot gearbox for a few years because i found out the hard way the second usb port is a print server and can't connect a second drive.
the patriot valkryie is very easy for a blind user to configure and access the interface and i was wanting to upgrade to the same as what i setup for my friend.
i have several spare drives but they are only 500mb or 1tb and it looks like i will skip buying any drives for a while and will probably get the dual valkryie box on cyber monday.

Bryan Schulz

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