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I think you should find a way to do your new job with out the letter.  Take
some time to get and or learn access technolgy.  If money is a problem try
out some of the free screen readers.  for a free screen reader I like NVDA.
It can be run from a usb stick and thus you can run it on almost any

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Hi everyone.  I have never posted on here before, although I read what
everyone posts regualarly.  Anyway I have a question that I am pretty sure
someone can answer.  First let me give you a little background information.
I am a mentor teacher for an early head start program in St. Louis city.  In
this position I have many job duties from working as a teacher to training
teachers to supervising teachers.  This program serves children who are six
weeks to three years old.  I have worked in this program for eight years.
During this time I have worked under several different supervisors, most of
who have been supportive of me and worked with accomadations that I may
need.  Two weeks ago a new director started and she wants us to move to
using the computers more.  She does not seem very happy to hear that I will
have some trouble with this as none of the computers at my job have any
speech or enlarging programs on them.  I can use a computer without any
adaptation for a short while.  The new director has not said anything to me
about this, but her sighs and body language that come out when I try to talk
to her are making me uneasy. My eyesight has not changed over the past eight
years, but my job requirements have.   Several people have suggested that I
get my eye doctor to write a litter which would declare my disability to
give to my employer to be placed on file.  My questions are,  Should I get
this letter and what should this letter should be included in this letter
and is there anything that should not be mentioned in this letter?   Thanks
for your help.  Jenny Carmack
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