[Nfbmo] Fw: Unbelievable Logic.

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Fellow Federationists


The word should be spelled hypocrisy.  It may help when we appear to be more literate.  We have to keep working to ensure that medical services are not cut for blind persons  and to make sure that blind children receive braille instruction.


Jim Moynihan
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     I think there a lot of utterly clueless people ran as Republicans - I have enough faith in the GOP that they will eventually understand  how much their suffering of these fools is going to cost them.
     And ultimately, this is nothing more than throwing red meat to their most rabid base.   It costs them nothing when it is overturned, and they can turn and say - "See, I tried!"
    I'm not finding this funny anymore.

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  The Republican controlled Missouri House of Representitives in a first round vote on Tuesday boted 109-41 to make it a state criminal offense for any Federal Employee  in the state to enforce or promote the Affordable Care Act.
  This is  hyporcracy  as these are the exact same people who told us that  eliminating Medical Services for the Blind is no big deal as the Affordable Care Act would fix everything for us.
  Of course, this  law would be unconstitutional as the Supreme Court ruled back in the 1800’s that there is no such thing as Nullification.
  I think this extremist hold on the legislature is interesting and scary.

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