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Yes it was all really great thank you to everyone.

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Hello Gary,

Would you please post this on the list serve? Thank you!

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I know this note is long over due but unfortunately you cannot stop time
when ever you want! With Easter, a very sick husband, a move from North
Carolina to Missouri, and 3 major college papers due, time flew by!

On the positive note, we had a nice Easter, Phil is much better, our son
Luke is now a resident of Missouri, and I received all A's on my papers!

First, the Student Planning Committee would like to thank the board for
funding the seminar; without your generosity it would have never happened. 

Next, we would like to thank Gene and Carol Coulter for setting up the pizza
luncheon; it was fantastic!

A special thank you to our NABS Representative Darian Smith; he did a great

A special thank you to Vicki Roberts who I recruited, at the last minute, to
be my assistant, she was a true life saver!

Finally, to everyone else who helped make our seminar a success in any way;
from purchasing a snack sack or afghan raffle ticket, to words of
encouragement, thank you! 

Phil and I had the honor of getting to know and eat lunch with Dr. and Mrs.
Maurer; he congratulated us and let me know how pleased he was with the
student seminar. All of the feedback I have received has been positive. We
had a great turn out and best of all we are now a division again! 

We would also like to thank everyone who participated in the Prayer
Breakfast; again, all of the feedback I received was good! I would like to
give a special thank you to Julie M for doing the music portion of the

One last thank you and that is to my committee, Julie M, Julie S. Chris P,
Cari F, Janelle O, and Todd O; without all of their work and dedication, the
seminar would have never become a reality; thank you!. 

The division is off to a good start; we had our first conference call; I
believe this year will be a productive one!

Again, thank you!

Take Care and God Bless,

Shirley G.

"Smile, it will make people wonder what you are up to!"

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