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Like many of you, we in South Carolina are enjoying some great media
exposure on this issue as a result of the protests. Some of the stories can
be found at TV and newspaper sites online, and at least one story is on NFB
Newsline in yesterday's Myrtle Beach Sun News and is receiving lots of
comments online. But let me focus on the underlying dispute.


They tell us that not as many disabled workers would be "employed" (and I
use that term loosely) if employers such as Goodwill had to pay the federal
minimum wage to disabled workers.  But in reality the same is true for so
called able-bodied Americans.  If an employer could pay an able-bodied
employee $1 per hour, many more people would be employed, but it would not
make them financially independent at all.


Really, the federal minimum wage is an arbitrary number, isn't it? If we set
a number for so called able-bodied Americans, why can't it apply to the
disabled population as well. The fact that it does not demonstrates that we
are not entitled to equal treatment under the law.  I have a problem with
this reality, and I insist that Congress, Goodwill, and those who believe
that we live in a civilized society do something about it.


Those of us who have handed out fliers at various places, talked to the
media and the public, stood in front of Goodwill, talked with people in the
community about this issue, met members of law enforcement, or were
threatened by Goodwill officials have already made a huge statement, and
Goodwill wants us to go away.  But we will not stop until we reach the top.
Congratulations on a job well done.


Yours in the continuing struggle for first-class citizenship,






Parnell Diggs, President
National Federation of the Blind of South Carolina
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