[Nfbmo] talking point about the medicaid issue

Nancy Lynn freespirit at accessibleworld.org
Sat Feb 18 13:45:32 UTC 2012

Again, this is an issue that affects all of us. I got the following from MCB.
While talking to your legislator here are some points you might want to use.

1. the proposal to remove about 2800 blind persons from the state medicaid program does not save the state any money because the money is being diverted to higher education. 

2. it is important to support higher education, but should it be done at the expense of blind citizens? 

3. while the Blind Pension Fund benefits are asset based and not income based, most persons receiving the Blind Pension Fund benefit are low income and unemployed. 

4. most persons receiving the Blind Pension Fund benefit are not going to be able to obtain private health insurance and not being employed, they will not be able to obtain it through their employers. 

5. the effect of the proposed change will force many persons who now are able to live indepentently to sell the modest assets they have to become eligible for SSI and Medicaid.

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