[Nfbmo] medicaid cuts on KMOX

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Thu Feb 23 01:02:56 UTC 2012


i finally had time to listen to the recording and have to wonder what else was said after it cuts off.
i also don't understand you being disgusted with charlie's viewpoint.
He was in favor of roasting the committee members for wanting to slash the funding.
I wasn't thrilled with Brent being argumentative with someone with a far reaching public voice who was on our side and people have to have the sense to let things slide for the better good and bigger picture.

Bryan Schulz

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  Ossem Nancy! Thanks for posting the show. I was really disgusted with 
  Brennon's general attitudes about blindness. The medicade cuts are a 
  drag, especially those of us with higher medical expenses and lower 
  income. I was encouraged by the call from  Senator Lumpke (sorry 
  about spelling.) I hope he truly stands by is statements that he 
  doesn't support medicaid cuts and neither does the majority of the 
  appropriations committee. Keep us all posted!

  At 11:55 AM 2/20/2012, Nancy Lynn wrote:
  >There was a discussion of this issue this morning on KMOX. Here is a 
  >link to that recording for those who would like to hear it.
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