[Nfbmo] Bill Neal

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Fri Feb 24 03:26:02 UTC 2012

(Gary please send to leader’s list)
Our good friend and fellow Federationist Bill Neal is having serious health 
problems and therefore will retire from the vending program effective March 
2, 2012.
He had been having problems with Gout and Carpul Tunnel. He had surgery for 
the Carpul Tunnel after which they informed him that he is suffering Kidney 
Failure and likely will have to go on dialysis. Last Saturday at the chapter 
meeting Bill was there and it was easy to tell he was in constant pain and 
suffering medically. His blood sugar has been up to the 500 range and his 
hand remains very swollen. He has been pulled off of most of his meds so as 
not to aggravate the fragile kidney.
Please keep Bill Neal and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Gene Coulter 

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