[Nfbmo] Hints at our agenda

Gary Wunder GWunder at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 29 23:48:30 UTC 2012

Our agenda is shaping up nicely. Here are a few items you won't want to
* The National Federation of the Blind: Reorganized, Revitalized, and going
strong at fifty--a panel discussing our proud history, our present, and our
* A report from our library for the blind: the services you know and love
and some things you might not know about us
* Braille: How, Now and Wow
* I am blind; my hand is extended; but don't misunderstand: I am not here to
take but to give;
* Rehabilitation in Missouri: the hope, the dream, and how, together, we can
make it the most it can be;
* We thrive on a prayer and a song;
* What NFB programs mean to blind children;
* I am a teacher of tomorrow, serving and learning from you;
* Cane, dog, and gadget: the blind person's path to mobility;
* What returning blind veterans need and how we can help;
There is one other thing to which you might want to turn your attention. We
are going to have a contest to see who can write and perform the best song
about being blind and/or being a part of the NFB. There will be a monetary
prize, so put pencil to paper, stylus to slate, paper under the toe of your
Brailler, and compose on whatever digital device you have. This will be fun!
You will be judged on the originality of your song, your performance, and on
the reaction of the audience, so tune up and prepare to make a joyful noise.

This and more await those who attend the fiftieth convention of the National
Federation of the Blind of Missouri. It will be hard, but hold out--there
are only thirty days left!

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