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It works because the debit cards are set up to be used either  way.   There 
are differences - if you use the debit card as a credit  card (remember 
that they are all branded either VISA or MasterCard) you cannot  take cash out 
and you have to sign for it, though some stores won't require a  signature 
if it's less than a certain amount - usually $10 or so.    Even if you have 
your purchase processed as a credit card, the money is still  taken directly 
out of your checking account - the balance in your checking or  debit card 
account is the collateral for the transaction, so if your account  balance is 
less than your purchase, your transaction will be denied, unlike a  'real' 
credit card.   There is also a difference in the fees charged  the merchant 
for the transactions - generally, the merchant is charged  less if you 
process the card as a credit card.  Processing as a debit  card results in a 
higher - and less regulated - fee on the merchant, which is  why they are happy 
when you choose the credit card option.
      And by the way, debit card fees are subject  to different fee 
transactions depending on the issuing organization.  There  is a move in colleges 
and universities to issue student IDs as a debit  card.   These cards 
generally have high fees.  It's better not to  use them if you can.  Far better to 
use a card from your own bank or better  yet, credit union.   If you want 
more on tis, I can provide some  links.
      As far as entering your PIN:
      Most point of sale or ATM machines have a  raised button keypad - 
oriented like a telephone keypad rather than a computer  keypad.  Since the PIN 
is always numeric, you just need to locate the 5  (middle key in 2nd row 
from top) and the other numbers are arranged in  ascending order in rows of 3, 
as follows:
top row:   1  2  3
second     4  5   6
third row   7  8   9
bottom     *   0   #
    Hope this helps,
Dan Flasar
Lewis & Clark chapter
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Hey  Kyle.  I had the same problem when I started using a debbit card  a
couple years ago.  All you have to do is hand your card to  the
casheer, and tell that person that you want the perchase taken  as
credit.  Someone on this list may be able to explain why this  works,
but I know that it does.  The casheer will then take your card,  scan
it for you, and should show you where to sign if  necessary.
Sometimes(especially if you are with your mom or another  sighted
person) the casheer expects that person to do it for you.  But  if you
want that casheer to do it, just tell them to take your card as  credit
and to put it through the machine for you because you are  blind.  Most
are very helpful though, so you may not have to deal with  this much.

On 6/15/12, Kyle Borah <kgborah at att.net>  wrote:
> Now that I'm 18 and moving off to college, I got a debit card.  However, 
> me and my mom were shopping one time, and I paid for the  purchase with my
> card, I was unable to type in the pin number because  I couldn't see it. 
> mom just typed it in, but what am I to do if I  am alone. Has anyone out
> there had to deal with this kind of  situation? And if so how did you 
> it?
>  Blessings,
> Kyle Borah
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