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I am glad that you are making progress and making the necessary changes.  I 
will keep in touch.


Jim Moynihan

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> Hi everyone,
> I haven't been very active lately - as some of you know, I've had some
> medical problems for the last 2 months, which is why I wasn't able to 
> attend
> our  state convention. Without getting into a lot of detail, I've been 
> dealing
> with  severe back and leg pain. I am relieved to say that my prognosis is
> looking much  better over the next few months - it's going to take a lot 
> of
> rehab work - and  I'm ready for it.
> As many of you may know, acute medical conditions - and the consequent 
> pain
> and continuous consultations, procedures and tests - can contract your
> life. The  routines of living become disrupted and sometimes have to be
> renegotiated.  Normal interests in the outside world are displaced by the 
> regimens
> of therapy  and aleviation of symptoms. Forgoing usual social 
> get-togethers
> (like chapter  meetings and conventions) further increase a sense of
> isolation. Of course, we  all learn to cope with these things over time, 
> and I am
> grateful for all my  family and friends who have kept in touch.
> I was feeling physically and emotionally very low the night I listened to
> the convention banquet speeches. The announcement that I had been selected
> to  receive the Jernigan award took me very much by surprise - I was - and
> still am  - moved to tears.
> I was reminded of the reasons I sought out the NFB in the first place. I
> was losing my vision, unsure about my job, my life and how I would adapt. 
> I
> wanted to find confident, accomplished, compassionate and energetic people
> who  had successfully dealt with what I was going through - to learn from
> their  experiences and make new friends.
> Well... I got what I was looking for - and a lot more.
> I have always tried to contribute to the NFB - but I can never equal the
> warmth and friendship you all have given to me over the years. I am very
> humbled  and grateful by the recognition the Jernigan Award represents, 
> and I
> promise  that I will always do my best to live up to it.
> Thank you very much, my friends.
> Dan Flasar
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