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Subject: CAN Alert: Legislators are playing politics with our healthcare. Calls needed NOW!

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                        May 9, 2012
                        ********ACTION ALERT******** 
                        Stop playing politics with our healthcare!
                        The Missouri legislature is working to restrict your access to health care by passing legislation which prevents implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and attempts to make it illegal for the federal law to be implemented.

                        Because of the Affordable Care Act . . .

                          a.. 39,667 young adults in Missouri gained insurance coverage, because they can stay on their parents insurance until age 26. 
                          b.. 2,148,000 Missourians with disabilities and chronic conditions can feel secure that insurance companies can no longer end coverage due to life time limits. 
                          c.. 78,585 Missouri Medicare recipients received a 50% discount on prescriptions in 2011. 
                          d.. 729,809 Missourians with Medicare and 1,102,000 Missourians with private insurance received free preventive care (mammograms, colonoscopies, wellness exams, etc.). 
                          e.. Missouri has options to rebalance and strengthen community-based long-term services and supports through programs like Money Follows the Person, Community First Choice Option, and other grants. 
                        Are you concerned about the possibility of Missourians losing access to health coverage and services?  CALL NOW!

                        HB 1534 is has a hearing in the Senate General Laws Committee today.  It not only declares the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional , but makes it illegal for Federal employees to implement the Affordable Care Act in Missouri.  HB1534 would make it a class A misdemeanor (up to 1 year in jail) for a Federal employee to do their job in Missouri.

                        SB464 was voted out of the House Health Insurance Committee and is expected to be voted on in the House.  It restricts the states ability to use federal dollars to work on anything related to setting up a health insurance exchange, unless the legislature appropriates the funds and creates statutory authority.

                         1.  HB1534has a hearing in the Senate General Laws Committee today at 12pm.  Call committee members NOW and tell them to oppose HB1534.
                        2.  SB464 will most likely move quickly to the House floor for a vote.  Call your Missouri State Representative and tell them to vote no on SB464.


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