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Quite a story - in particular that his piano teacher donated a kidney to  
him - what a wonderful act of compassion!   I have met quite a few  people 
who have donated kidneys to others over the years - they are remarkable  
people and I always thank them for their decision. They were all very pleased  
with their decision.
    And here come's the question.  Most people have  space on the back of 
their driver's license to indicate that they are willing to  donate their 
organs upon death.   Since blind folks don't have  driver's licenses, does the 
stat ID provide the capability to indicate  willingness to donate?
     And my next question is - are your IDs  signed?
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jamesmmoynihan at gmail.com writes:
Fellow  Federationists

A blind man named Scott Mcintyre reached the top ten in  American Idol.  
After graduating from college he was diagnosed with stage  4 kidney failure 
and underwent dialysis.  

The wife of his piano  teacher donated a kidney which saved Scott's life.  
He wrote a book  titled By faith not by Sight.  Of course the news media 
portrayed him as  being inspirational but this is a blind person who actually 
accomplished  something.  


Jim  Moynihan
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