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Fred, this message isn't very useful, it doesn't 
give the book name, or where you can get it -- 
only the author buried half way through the message.


At 09:02 PM 4/6/2013, you wrote:
>I am forwarding this to the list because I 
>believe it is an important resource for those of 
>you who might at some time consider getting an iPhone.
>Also I am including a link to a Visually 
>Impaired iPhone users group which has over 1,300 
>subscribers and which I have never seen a post 
>from any of the presenters on the subject of the 
>Iphone which is to take place next weekend at 
>the NFBMO state convention. It doesn't mean they 
>aren't members, just that they have never posted 
>to the group. Hard to believe that if they were 
>that they wouldn't have at some time had one 
>question about using the iPhone or some of the 
>apps unless, of course they were all-knowing. 
>Anyway, here's the link to the subscribe page.
>Besides the below book which is just coming out 
>there is another entitled getting Started with 
>the iPhone which is in it's second edition, 
>available from the National Braille Press,  http://www.nbp.org
>Check on their site for availability in several different formats.
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>The book is a 12-step guide to using your 
>iPhone.  It is written from the standpoint of 
>one of our team members, Brie rumory, who was 
>scared to death of the iPhone her husband got 
>her for Christmas over a year ago, to finally 
>deciding it was time to learn to use it.  The 
>book goes through all of the settings as well as 
>the default apps that come on the phone, as well 
>as accessibility, text input and management, 
>Siri, the itunes and App stores, and whatever 
>else you'll need to know to be up and running 
>with your iPhone.  It is a great resource also 
>even if you've been using your phone for awhile, 
>as a reference for those things you may have done but have forgotten how to do.
>It is written with some humor while providing so 
>much information.  It is comprehensive yet not 
>boring at any moment.  I believe it is a must 
>have in the library of anyone who has, is 
>considering getting, or works with anyone who has an iPhone.
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