[Nfbmo] Boston Marathon explosions

DanFlasar at aol.com DanFlasar at aol.com
Mon Apr 15 20:24:37 UTC 2013

NPR just offered a report from Peter Segel, the host  of NPR's popular 
"Wait,Wait, Don't Tell Me" political comedy quiz  show, reporting on the scene 
in Boston of what he witnessed as he and the  blind runner he was guiding 
(his name is William Greer in his first Marathon -  both men are fine) had just 
passed the finish line.  The explosions took  place  around 3 pm EST 100 
yards behind them - there are a confirmed 2 dead  and many  injured.   No 
information on the source of the  explosions is available.
     Those of you who are fans of Wait, Wait Don't Tell  Me are familiar 
with Segel's humor and take on the world, but I had never heard  he had been 
active in providing accompaniment for blind athletes.  I"m glad  they're both 
safe - and hope for the speedy recovery of the injured.

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