[Nfbmo] our upcoming cyber auction

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 22 21:45:40 UTC 2013

Many of you know that we are trying to conduct a cyber-auction to raise
money for the national treasury.  Each state is being asked to contribute
something of value that will encourage people to bid.  I am looking for a
coordinator who is interested in seeking out such an item for us.  It may be
unique to Missouri, may have some kind of sentimental value because it is
associated with the state, or it may be very different from anything that is
being offered by other states and will therefore have value.


Although I intend to be of significant help in this effort, I would
appreciate someone volunteering to be the coordinator.  Just like the
vehicle donation program, if it all stops at my door, then I am the
bottleneck in the one responsible for it not getting done.  I can only do so
much, and one of the criticisms I frequently hear is that our organization
can be cliquish, that you either are on the inside or the outside.  Let's
share the work.


If you are interested in coordinating our cyber auction entry from Missouri,
please write to me at 

gwunder at earthlink.net

using the words cyber auction as the subject.


Thank you so much.




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