[Nfbmo] Important! Blind Pension question

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Wed Aug 21 19:03:26 UTC 2013

{Gary please distribute to the other lists}
I am getting sick of all of the trouble folks are having with Blind 
Pension/S.A.B. To be honest I have talked with so many folks over the last 
year and a half I don’t remember who it is I’ve talked with. Whether or not 
I’ve chatted with you or not if you have had your assistance closed or 
suspended  in the last year and a half I NEED to know about it and it doesn’t 
matter what organzation, if any, you are affiliated with. We are trying to 
schedule a meeting with officials at FSD and need information to provide 
them as in how many people these problems have affected and what the 
problems are. After working for the agency for 27 years it deeply disturbs 
me that  this stuff is happening and I am releaved that I am not there any 
I need  the following for each case:
Medicaid Number
Date case closed
Date reopened
Name of Caseworker/Eligibility Specialist
And a one or two sentence discription of the issue.
I only need the Medicaid Number so that FSD can look up the case  so they 
can take action that is appropriate to fix the problem. I will not share the 
number with anyone and won’t keep it past the meeting. FSD will not release 
any information to us regarding a particular case unless it is our own 
If you cannot provide all the information provide what you can. For example, 
in most areas of the state there is not a particular  worker assigned to a 
case so you may not know who your worker was.
Send Email off list to NFBColumbia at centurytel.net

Your prompt attention to this matter is requested.
Gene Coulter, Social Services Liason

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