[Nfbmo] City Utilities Transit Issues

horchemg@gary-springfield-mo.net horchemg at gary-springfield-mo.net
Tue Feb 12 17:41:29 UTC 2013

Greetings Erin Magoon and I went to the city council meeting last night to discuss the recent route changes. CU held no public hearings we still have no updated schedules and worst of all the new transit director Sheila Schmidt told the bus drivers not to tell the passengers about the changes and after the changes took affect they changes they change the schedules three more since January 7th. Also we talked about Access Express the new ADA/Access Express supervisor who has only worked first as a driver has only been with CU for one year keeps screwing up the manifest people are arriving late to there destitons if you come from out of town and quifliy for paratransit you won't qualify here. We will see if our trip to the meeting last might will help. If you want to talk th Sheila Schmidt about you my call her at 417-831-8784.

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