[Nfbmo] The bus Saga Continues.

Bryan Schulz b.schulz at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 17 02:32:56 UTC 2013

i haven't said anything for at least 6 months so go rip on someone else.
Bryan Schulz

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> Bryan:
> I for one am getting tired of your constant stream of messages, on many of 
> our lists, about how the big bad rehab agency in Missouri favors others 
> and picks on you.  I am not from Missouri, so have no way of knowing what 
> happened, but your harping about it here isn't going to change anything. 
> Further, if you got a bum deal, maybe it is because of your constant 
> negative attitude.
> Dave
> At 11:39 PM 2/15/2013, you wrote:
>>if you want an example of a monopoly, a familiar state agency which uses a 
>>certain vendor 90% of the time, has put other vendors out of business, and 
>>sent one back to his original state is a monopoly!
>>Bryan Schulz
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>>>Strictly speaking, a municipal or state or  federal public service is not
>>>a monopoly since these are not   for-profit organizations.  If all the
>>>airlines combined into one big  private or publicly (in the sense of 
>>>availability) -ownership, then that  would be a monopoly.   Or if Comcast 
>>>owns all the cable   networks, then they would be monopoly.  Classically, 
>>>monopoly restricts  competition.  A government-managed utility or transit
>>>system is a different  category.  The big difference - we have a way to
>>>change or modify a  government utility - we have no way to do so with a 
>>>   And yes, this all gets very complicated  and far from  clear.
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>>>Hi,  Dan,
>>>As far as I know, most bus companies are monopolies. Even back in  the 
>>>although the Delaware Coach Company was privately owned, it had a
>>>to run all bus service in Wilmington, Delaware. Another company  had the
>>>franchise to run buses out where I lived. And of course, you  couldn't
>>>transfer between bus lines (sigh). So even back then, bus service  was a
>>>monopoly. Of course now Delaware has a transit authority: there was  a
>>>three-month drivers' strike in 1967 (I don't recall the issue), and a 
>>>after it was settled, Delaware Coach pulled out, and the city created  a
>>>transit authority which eventually became DART First State.
>>>I  think you'd have to go back to the early streetcar era to find a
>>>in which multiple companies ran transit services in a particular city. I
>>>don't know if there's a book that covers bus transit deregulation in the
>>>that Hard Landing did for airlines.
>>>I guess it's obvious that  transit and transit marketing are two of my
>>>favorite subjects. And it's  probably also obvious that I should let this
>>>subject die until there's  more action in  Springfield.
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>>>So much for the idea that the Free Market solves all  problems.
>>>Without intervention by the will of the  people   (ie, our government),
>>>free market capitalism leads  inexorably to monopoly -  which is why
>>>government has had to intervene  so continuously over the years  - which
>>>leads to too
>>>much  regulation which leads to too much deregulation  which leads  to...
>>>You'd think we'd remember this.
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>>>dickmorris at netzero.net  writes:
>>>Matt and  Gary,
>>>At least Springfield and Columbia  have bus stations in town!  Matt, I 
>>>know about where you are.  But here in Tahlequah, the bus  depot sits
>>>abandoned; I don't know  when the last bus rolled through here,  but it 
>>>before I came in  2004. Our closest bus station is Muskogee,  about 25 
>>>away, and  taking a bus from there is like flying out of  Springfield, 
>>>you'll go to a "hub" city like Tulsa or OKC and  change  there. And Tulsa 
>>>sixty miles from here.
>>>Isn't  deregulation  wonderful? Just for grins, if you want an analysis 
>>>what   deregulation has done to the airline industry, read  Thomas
>>>Hard Landing. Petzinger writes for the Wall Street  Journal, and the book
>>>both interesting and   readable.
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>>>Megabus and the michigan flyer have all  been  successes.
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>>>When I sometimes ride the bus I get the impression  they  will run their
>>>busses until they run no more and then they'll  stop serving  us all
>>>It is not the service-oriented  company I used to ride  regularly.
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>>>Matt, the big problem with Greyhound is  that they have  had no real
>>>competition ever since they acquired Continental   Trailways in the early
>>>and thereby gutted the Trailways network.  It  reminds me of the old, 
>>>the breakup, AT&T commercial  slogan, "We  may be the only phone company 
>>>town, but we try not to  act like it." Epic  fail on the parts of both 
>>>and  Greyhound.
>>>Speaking of lack  of competition, think of what air  travel will be like
>>>American and  USAir complete their   merger.
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>>>Thank you for correcting me. Mrs. Cruise  did  the best she could with 
>>>system. She even ran multiple  buses on the  same route during holiday
>>>weekends, because the mall was  so backed up. I  never used access 
>>>because I didn't qualify,  so I can't speak for  that service.
>>>As for Norna Champion. She has  a school and a park named  after her.
>>>Greyhound is horrible for  everyone. For blind people, for 
>>>going to Fort  Leonard, and everyone in  between.
>>>Greyhound drives me to be a  more successful person. So I can  bypass 
>>>nastyness, by prtivate  leased car trips or airline  travel.
>>>I will NEVER advocate  greyhound to anyone. They really don't  care about
>>>their  customers.
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>>>Matt, her name is Carol Cruise, and she has retired--but  she  was always
>>>willing to listen to her customers. From what Gary  tells me, the  buses 
>>>full now, probably thanks to $3  gasoline.
>>>But...you are  absolutely right about the "second class  citizen" 
>>>Maybe you  remember Dr. Norma Champion. I had her  in several classes at
>>>Evangel when I  got my communications degree  back in the dark ages. As a
>>>state senator,  well...I was at a Jeff  City seminar, I forget which 
>>>of course I  met with her to  push NFB issues. One was a transit issue, 
>>>her response  was that  public transit was for "someone like you". I 
>>>think I
>>>bit my tongue   till it bled. She was losing her vision due to macular
>>>degeneration, but  I  never could get her to see our side of things. Sad
>>>And  which Greyhound station were you referring to?  The old one on St.
>>>or  the new one on East Kearney? My problems  were more with rude 
>>>drivers than anything else, but the  last time I rode the bus,  about a 
>>>ago, I had a good  experience--except for a bus that was three  hours 
>>>Oh,  well...can't have   everything.
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>>>Subject: Re: [Nfbmo] The bus Saga   Continues.
>>>I am glad I am not in   Springfield.
>>>Public Transportation in Springfield, Missouri has  always  been a
>>>"second-class" citizen issue. "only poor people and the  elderly ride 
>>>bus." is what I heard from most folks.
>>>Also  seeing empty buses  driving around town didn't help any  either.
>>>Mary Cruse did a lot to  help out the transit issue. I  don't know where 
>>>went, but obviously by  Gary's, account, things  have not improved.
>>>The only thing worse in  Springfield, Mo than  the public transit system, 
>>>the Greyhound  station.
>>>My  primary means of transportation in Springfield, Mo was a  cab or
>>>Only when I worked at St. John's was the bus useful, that  is  because 
>>>S. National went past the hospital on weekdays, and  the  #5 went by on
>>>weekends. Besides that, the bus was a headache I  did not  want.
>>>Matt Sievert
>>>On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at  9:02 PM, Dick  Morris  <dickmorris at netzero.net>
>>>>Good job, Erin and   Gary! I wish I were still in Springfield so I could
>>>>part of  this.  You're dooing the right thing in trying to  garner
>>>>sometimes  the only way to get action is to  embarrass somebody. Go for
>>>>   --------------------------------------------------
>>>>From: "Magoon  Erin"  <magoone at gary-springfield-mo.net>
>>>>Sent: Thursday,  February 14,  2013 6:11 PM
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>>>>  Subject: [Nfbmo] The  bus Saga Continues.
>>>>The Bus Saga  Continues.
>>>>  Gary and I went to the City Council meeting  on Monday.  He spoke 
>>>> about
>>>>fixed route buses and I spoke  about Access Express.  Access  is the
>>>>para-transit door to  door service that I'm riding for now  because of 
>>>>surgery last  October.
>>>>It is getting  pretty rediculous trying to get a  ride on Access.  They
>>>>only  let you schedule a ride  up to one week in advance and it's 
>>>>  difficult to do  so.  They also have a 20 minute window either side of
>>>>  pick-up to come and get you.  I had a pickup at 6:00 pm and  they 
>>>> didn't
>>>>the person come on duty who was going to get   me until 5:55 so he 
>>>>arrive until 6:20.
>>>>I  had  another person drop me off at the wrong entrance to my building
>>>>  my
>>>>apaartment complex. I couldn't get a ride home  from my job  developer
>>>>two hours after the end of my  appointment.  I  couldn't get a ride home
>>>>the  gym at all, I could get  there but not home.  I also called one 
>>>>advance of the  City Council meeting to schedule my  ride.  I scheduled 
>>>>  for
>>>>10:30 pm because I didn't  know how long the meeting would go and  they
>>>>  up.  The lady called me back ten minutes  later and said she looked 
>>>> at
>>>>schedule wrong.  "It's written  in military time and  I have trouble
>>>>and understanding  it.  The latest  we can get you is 8:30 not 10:30."
>>>>I told  the Council  most of what I've just told you and they sent the
>>>>  following  questions to City Utilities telling them they wanted 
>>>> answers
>>>>  Friday, February 22.
>>>>1. Why did you make the bus  route  changes?
>>>>2. Why didn't you have the schedules and maps ready   before the changes
>>>>3. Why didn't you  hold  a public hearing or have public comments before
>>>>made  the  changes?
>>>>4. Why did the routes change 3 and 4 times after  you made the  original
>>>>5. Is it true that you  didn't want the  passengers to know the changes
>>>>coming?  If so, why not?
>>>>6.  Why are people having so many difficulties  scheduling an Access
>>>>ride 6 and 7 days in  advance?
>>>>I called the  City Council yesterday to find out  what was the next 
>>>>that's when  I got told those questions  were sent to City Utilities and
>>>>soon as  they received a  response they'd call me.
>>>>Today a reporter from  The  Springfield Newsleader called.  He talked to
>>>>  me  and Gary about what has been going on.  I told him all about 
>>>> Access
>>>>that some of the buses arrive downtown five minutes  early now  because 
>>>>new schedule, and the bus route  that was added  sits in the Social
>>>>parking lot for 15  minutes.  No one  has explained why this is.
>>>>The  paper got a report from City  Utilities telling them that the 
>>>>riders on Access has  increased and that they have 5  buses.  I told the
>>>>reporter that  several people I have  spoken to said they are taking
>>>>because of  all the route  changes.
>>>>He said that City Utilities has  responded to  City Council and said: 
>>>>should have had the bus maps  and  schedules available when we made the
>>>>changes, we   will hold public hearings in the future for any change we
>>>>to  make  whether it's small or big."
>>>>I noticed that they  didn't answer  any of the questions City  Council
>>>>The article is  supposed to run in  tomorrow's paper.  I hope it makes a
>>>>   difference.
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