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Subject: Immediate Opening at Alphapointe - O&M Specialist / TVI


Alphapointe has an exciting, new job opportunity that we would like to make
you aware of.  We are currently searching for a Certified Orientation &
Mobility Specialist / Certified Teacher for the Visually Impaired.  Please
feel free to forward this to anyone that may meet the qualifications listed
below.  If interested, please feel free to email me directly or complete an
application at www.alphapointe.org.  


Job Title: Teacher for the Visually Impaired / Orientation & Mobility


Job Summary: Performs evaluations and teaches adaptive techniques for
independent travel and the use of equipment for written language skills,
including Braille.  May provide academic remediation, oral language skills,
adaptive technology and customer service skill training.


Essential Functions:

*	Provide orientation to adaptive skills of blindness, educating
visually impaired children and adults on an array of adaptive tools and
techniques, and reinforcing the importance of acquiring skills in order to
become independent, job ready, and successfully employed. 
*	Conduct comprehensive Adaptive Skills Assessments with all
Vocational Rehabilitation customers, and after careful analysis make formal
recommendations for aids and appliances, modifications to the home
environment, training needs and other services. 
*	Develop and maintain complete and accurate records and reports of
all services provided for visually impaired children and adults being
*	Develop and implement systems for evaluating the effectiveness of
intervention procedures and keep appropriate personnel informed of findings.

*	Develop individual educational program for students. 
*	Plan curriculum, modify curriculum and prepare lessons and other
instructional materials according to student needs. 
*	Transcribe materials as needed. 
*	Arrange for and conduct field trips designed to promote experiential
*	Operate in multiple settings under the Rehabilitation Service
Manager's direction and keep appropriate personnel informed of activities,
accommodations, modifications and services for clients with multiple
*	Review and respond to emails and phone messages in a timely manner. 

*	Provide adaptive skills of blindness training and services,
developing individualized training curricula and establishing clear and
measurable objectives for each customer. 
*	Continually monitor and document customer progress and assess
effectiveness of training, making adjustments to the training plan as
necessary, and provide ongoing support and guidance to build self-esteem and
*	Provide input toward the development of quality service standards
effecting policy, procedures and best practices. 
*	Evaluate new or upgraded aids, appliances, and techniques to
determine appropriateness and use by customer, and identify new resources,
tools and devices that may assist clients in increasing their independence
and employability. 

*	Stay current with developments in the O&M/TVI profession, and meet
with peers on a quarterly basis to discuss and share new ideas, techniques
and professional developments. Confer with parents, administrator, testing
specialists, social worker, and others to develop individual educational
program for students, when collaborating with schools. 
*	Plan curriculum, modify curriculum and prepare lessons and other
instructional materials according to client needs. 
*	Meet with family to discuss how parents can encourage client's
independence and well-being and to provide guidance in using community
*	Perform other reasonable duties that from time to time may be
assigned to meet the usual and unusual demands placed on the organization. 


Additional Functions:

.         Perform other duties as assigned.


Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

.        Bachelor's degree required in orientation and mobility or its
equivalent. Master's degree preferred.

.         Complete internship in orientation and mobility is required.

.         Certifiable or certified through the nationally recognized
accrediting body of O&M Specialists and Teachers for the Visually Impaired.
Must maintain certification.

.         Excellent communication, assessment, and teaching ability

.         Knowledge of adaptive equipment and techniques for people who are
blind and visually impaired is preferred.

.         Knowledge of grades 1 and 2 braille and other braille codes

.         Organization and attention to detail are required.

.         Knowledge of common eye diseases leading to blindness and their
impact on functional vision. 

.         Knowledge of major secondary disabilities and their impact on
individual's functioning and learning. 

.         Knowledge of the basic alternative skills, strategies, and access
technology used by blind and visually-impaired people. 

.         Knowledge of national and local resources for blind and visually
impaired people. 

.         Knowledge of federal and state laws affection services and rights
of people with disabilities such as ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, etc. 

.         Strong organizational skills and ability to multitask effectively.

.         Ability to effectively navigate the Internet and use other common
computer applications such as MS Office Suite. 

.         Excellent written and oral communication skills. 


Working Conditions:

.        Considerable travel in community.

.         Work outdoors in all weather conditions.



Amy L. Campbell

Director of Human Resources


Description: Description: Description:


7501 Prospect

Kansas City, MO 64132


Main (816) 421-5848

Direct (816) 237-2007

Fax (816) 237-2019

Visit us online at  <http://www.alphapointe.org/> www.alphapointe.org


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<http://www.twitter.com/alphapointe> Description: Description: Description:
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