[Nfbmo] Odd situation.

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Hi, Randy.  I don't know how long you want to make your Facebook entries,
but you might make the point to him that vision is only one small part of
your life by telling him a little about your life.  You might tell him about
your wife, your family, the jobs you have held, your favorite hobbies, and
maybe a little something about what you remember of your fourth grade
relationship with him.  I think that if you tell someone that vision or the
lack of it isn't at the center of your life, they may understand you, but
they may only come to understand that this is not the way you want to talk
with them.  They will consider the topic of your vision as taboo!  There are
times when I think we have to deliver our message indirectly.  If you show
him that you have had a good life, how much vision you have may come to take
second place in his consideration of you, not because you told him that it
had to be that way, but because you made it obvious that it doesn't need to
be that way.



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On Facebook, I just re-connected with an old friend that I had not seen or
talked with since the 4th. grade..  The first message from him to me is,
"hey, how is your vision?", not "What have you been up to?" or "How is
everything going?" but  "hey, how is your vision?".

I am not sure if I should take offense to this or feel sorry for this guys
ignorance?  Should I take this as an opportunity to educate this guy or
unfriend him and chalk it up to the reason that I have not seen or talked to
him since the 4th. grade?

Well, I thought that I might try to educate him.  I thought about "Hey, how
is your mental condition?", but that just seems mean.

Here is my considered response and I just wanted to run it past you guy
first to see what you thought, "Odd question to start off with.  My vision
is stable and has not prevented me from doing anything that I really want
to do.   How is your vision?"

Randy Carmack
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