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DanFlasar at aol.com DanFlasar at aol.com
Fri Jul 19 16:20:03 UTC 2013

    Sounds like you have taken offense.   is it  ecause you feel you're 
being defined by your physical status?
I am asked by friends I haven't seen in awhile as to how y health - and how 
 my transplant was doing or that sort of hting. 
    HOnestly, I'm just glad I"m remembered by ld  friends.   What you know 
in this case is that your vision is something  that stuck in his head - and 
it's how he recalls you.   We know  that sighted people are afraid of vision 
loss - and likely always will be. It's  up to us to educate our friends and 
families - by example - that as a matter of  fact - life goes on just fine. 
    We can then both reconnect with our old friends, we get  to educate our 
frineds about blindnessand we also get to alleviate these public  fears!
     Say tohim from us, Randy!
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randycarmack at gmail.com writes:

On  Facebook, I just re-connected with an old friend that I had not seen  or
talked with since the 4th. grade..  The first message from him to  me is,
"hey, how is your vision?", not "What have you been up to?" or "How  is
everything going?" but  "hey, how is your vision?".

I am not  sure if I should take offense to this or feel sorry for this  guys
ignorance?  Should I take this as an opportunity to educate this  guy or
unfriend him and chalk it up to the reason that I have not seen or  talked
to him since the 4th. grade?

Well, I thought that I might try  to educate him.  I thought about "Hey, how
is your mental condition?",  but that just seems mean.

Here is my considered response and I just  wanted to run it past you guy
first to see what you thought, "Odd question  to start off with.  My vision
is stable and has not prevented me from  doing anything that I really want
to do.   How is your  vision?"

Randy  Carmack
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