[Nfbmo] Odd situation.

Chris cktisdal at charter.net
Fri Jul 19 19:12:49 UTC 2013

Hey Randy,

I guess my first thought would be to make sure this is the person I was in 
the forth grade with.  Then I might explain what I have been up to during 
the years and ask what life has held for him.  Then you might start 
educating on blind.



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Subject: [Nfbmo] Odd situation.

> On Facebook, I just re-connected with an old friend that I had not seen or
> talked with since the 4th. grade..  The first message from him to me is,
> "hey, how is your vision?", not "What have you been up to?" or "How is
> everything going?" but  "hey, how is your vision?".
> I am not sure if I should take offense to this or feel sorry for this guys
> ignorance?  Should I take this as an opportunity to educate this guy or
> unfriend him and chalk it up to the reason that I have not seen or talked
> to him since the 4th. grade?
> Well, I thought that I might try to educate him.  I thought about "Hey, 
> how
> is your mental condition?", but that just seems mean.
> Here is my considered response and I just wanted to run it past you guy
> first to see what you thought, "Odd question to start off with.  My vision
> is stable and has not prevented me from doing anything that I really want
> to do.   How is your vision?"
> Thanks,
> Randy Carmack
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