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Gretchen Gilles (née Traubitz) passed away of natural causes  Wednesday, May
29, 2013 at Barnes Extended Care, Clayton, Missouri;  she was 86 years of
age. Gretchen was born March 12, 1927 to Dr. and  Mrs. Arnold Traubitz at
Leadwood. Missouri. She was the oldest of four  siblings, sisters Evangeline
and Cynthia, and a brother Arnold. Both  sisters preceded her in death.  

Challenged by cerebral palsy, Gretchen faced her difficulties with vigor
and a certain sense of daring.  She graduated from the University of
Missouri with a Bachelor's degree in 1947, and was employed by the  Missouri
School for the Blind in St. Louis where she served with distinction for 42
years as Librarian and Spanish teacher. During summers. she studied at Wayne
State University and achieved a Master's Degree in Library Science.  

During her tenure, she received numerous awards, and upon her retirement in
1989. received the  Merit of Honor as Handicapped State Employee of the
Year. Her greatest passion, however. was  The Closeup Foundation where she
accompanied students from the school to Washington, D.C.  touring the halls
of power, but, most important, the Library of Congress. She was honored by
the  foundation with profound gratitude.  "Your leadership in advancing
civic literacy has made a  difference."

Following her retirement, she served on several committees, frequently
traveling to  Jefferson City to continue her support for the Wolfner Library
education for the blind.  

Gretchen  married Wilbur Gilles in December of 1958. Mr. Gilles was employed
at the School for  the Blind as a history teacher. He preceded Gretchen in
death in July, 1986. Gretchen's generosity  knew no bounds, and as a last
act of kindness, donated her remains to the medical school at  Washington
University in St. Louis.  

Gretchen is survived by her brother, Arnold Traubitz, Jr. of St. Louis,
nephews Scott Traubitz, Steve  Traubitz; nieces Melanie Genbauffe, Stephanie
Flierjans, Kim Bowen, and fourteen great-nieces and  nephews.  



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