[Nfbmo] World famous trail mix available at 2013 NFB convention

DanFlasar at aol.com DanFlasar at aol.com
Wed Jun 19 05:37:56 UTC 2013

Hi all,
    The Lewis & Clark chapter will be offering  another batch of our world 
famous trail mix to benefit the  Missouri  affiliate.   The mixes will be 
available from myself and Chris  Tisdale, as well as at the NFBMO table.
Only the finest dehydrated fruits and roasted, unsalted nuts of  various 
kinds go into the  mixes, including:
dark sour cherries
mango strips 
pressed, dried, ripe bananas - not the sugar-sprayed crunchy dried  unripe 
type so common
California apricots - meaty and soft
wild blueberries
white peaches - meaty and soft
dried, ripe pineapple - very sweet and tart, not the usual candied  kind
craisins - orange flavored and plain - sugar is added but just  enough to 
balance tartness
large golden raisins from Persia
pistachio nut meats
sunflower seed meats
cashew halves and pieces
macadamia nuts
and more!
     Most ingredients were purchased from  Trader Joe's but I also buy from 
an Asian market in St. Louis.
     Very little, if any,  sugar added - fruits are picked and dried at 
peak of ripeness, which is why they  are a bit more expensive.
     All nuts are dry-roasted without added  salt.
     There will be 3 varieties:
     fruit & nut
     just fruit
     just nuts
Haven't decided if I'm going to bring along the  wasabi peas, and I might 
bring along some bags of salted smokehouse  almonds.
    All profits go to the  Missouri affiliate, courtesy of the Lewis & 
Clark  chapter.
So, get your orders in now!   The word is getting out -  they won't last 
Gary, what's the best way to advertise this to all the convention  goers?
Dan Flasar
Lewis & Clark chapter

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