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Subject: Alphapointe Job Opportunities

Alphapointe is currently looking to fill the following positions.  Please
feel free to forward this information to anyone that may be interested.
Anyone interested should fill out an application online at
http://www.alphapointe.org/Job%20Postings.  Thank you for assisting us in
fulfilling our mission of "Improving Life for Those Who Lose Sight".

Customer Service Representative (SMI) NEW!! (Jefferson City, MO) Job
Summary: Responsible for responding and processing calls and other contacts
from smiONE Card customers and stakeholders in accordance with policies and
procedures and contractual obligations.

Essential Functions:
*        Responsible for responding to Customer Service calls received in
accordance with policies and procedures.
*        Categorize all calls and other contacts received in one of the
categories provided.
*        Record any abusive and/ or extraordinary calls.
*        Must have the ability to work independently with little or no
*        Assist with other duties as needed.

 Additional Functions:
*        Respond promptly to customer needs.
*        Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
*        Understand and explain smiONE Card policies and procedures.
*        Identify and resolve errors.
*        Maintain accurate records.
*        Work confidentially with discretion and integrity.
*        Meet schedules and deadlines.
*        Work varied schedules and overtime hours as necessary.
*        Physical demands are representative of those that must be met by an
employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.

Customer Service Representative (Jefferson City, MO) The Customer Service
Representative represents Young Williams and provides outstanding customer
service to both internal and external customers by professionally answering
all calls and insuring that customers receive accurate information politely
and promptly.

Essential functions include:

  *   the ability to work independently with little or no supervision
  *   the ability to meet the minimum requirement of number of calls
answered per day
  *   the ability to draw from resources, policies and supervisors to answer
all inquiries, recognize case issues as they develop in order to reduce
  *   willingness to show a high level of enthusiasm in serving customers
and improving team performance

Physical demands include:

  *   while performing the essential functions of the job, the employee is
regularly required to type, talk or hear
  *   frequently required to sit and reach with hands and arms
  *   sometimes required to stand and walk
  *   must be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 10 pounds

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  *   High school diploma or equivalent required
  *   Degree or certificate in related field preferred
  *   Computer experience and typing proficiency required
  *   Excellent written and spoken communication skills including voice
tones and grammar as well as time management skills and organizational

Tier One Investigator - part-time (Kansas City, MO) Job Summary: Monitoring
state communications and reporting of questionable activities to

Essential Functions:
* Monitor state communication via phone calls utilizing a headset.
* Report all questionable calls to Tier 2 Investigator for analysis.
* Maintain an established level of monitored calls on a daily basis.
* Utilizing computer equipment and associated software, make the appropriate
notations as per training protocols.
* Ensure all work performed is kept "confidential" as required by the
* Comply with all rules and procedures to maintain a "secure" work

Additional Functions:
* As the need arises, be available for court testimony on job related

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:
* High school diploma or GED.
* Computer literate, specifically in Microsoft 2010.
* Must type a minimum of 30 words per minute.
* Excellent attendance record.
* Detail oriented with specific emphasis on listen skills.
* Must be able to pass and maintain background checks administered by
Alphapointe and the Missouri Department of Corrections.
* Mandatory confidentiality relating to work performed.
* Fluency in a second language given preferential consideration.
* Ability to work in a secured team environment.
* Must be able to pass a pre-placement drug screen.

Working Conditions:
* Work in a "secured work station" environment.
* Work with employees who have vision impairments.

VA Switchboard Operator - part-time (Kansas City, MO) Job Summary:  Under
the direction of the Manager, the hospital switchboard operator is
responsible for processing incoming and outgoing telephone calls/emergency

Essential Functions:

  *   Work as a telephone operator; process incoming/outgoing telephone
calls for the medical center; operate computer based console switchboard,
radio paging, public address and audiovisual call systems; provide
switchboard services for the effective operations of the VA Medical Center.
  *   Respond to various emergencies and/or emergency alarms; activate
necessary procedures for such situations as, but not limited to, cardiac
arrest and patient disturbances; use the public address (PA) system, radio
paging and two-way radio systems to relay messages and make announcements;
answer all emergency calls and alarms quickly and accurately; operate
wireless radio and digital pagers and paging systems; maintain appropriate
records; test code pagers.
  *   Monitor backup systems for fire/smoke alarm and police security
  *   Maintain all required documentation (i.e. record all
international/toll calls/faxes in the long distance log, including the name
of the employee, time, number called, and services).
  *   Use discretion, tact and good judgment to handle all situations that
may arise.
  *   Process all calls in a courteous and professional manner, giving a
favorable impression of the VA at all times.
  *   Understand written guidelines for processing calls, alerts and
maintenance of equipment and records; memorize a substantial portion of
these instructions and provide correct interpretation.
  *   Must have a flexible schedule and be receptive to shift changes and
working overtime when the need arises.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  *   Must be able to assume the responsibility of placing a variety of
calls including special long distance/international calls/faxes over varied
  *   Must perform information which requires knowledge of the
organizational units and major functions of a large multi-division
  *   Must have the ability to meet and deal with a variety of levels of
  *   Must be able to work under pressure and under stressful conditions and
be able to adapt to a changing work environment.

Teleservices Representative - part-time (Kansas City, MO & Warrensburg, MO)
A Teleservices Representative is responsible for creating a great
conversation between the clients, students, or customers by using
enthusiasm, listening skills, sincerity and experience.

Essential Functions:

  *   Utilize the Pegasus Software Agent
     *   Log into agent
     *   Log into the queue
     *   Answer calls clearly
     *   Maneuver through calls smoothly
     *   Fill in every text box by entering accurate data
     *   Disposition the call appropriately according to the client's
     *   Hit next call to repeat the process
  *   Utilize the Five9 Software Agent
     *   Log into agent
     *   Change status from "Break" to "Ready Call"
     *   Be alert to receive a call at any moment
     *   When a call is received:  start worksheet, follow script, transfer
to client or disposition appropriately
     *   Repeat process

Additional Functions:

  *   Have and keep a good attitude in the work place as well as with
  *   Respect the spaces shared with each employee
     *   Keep the cubicles clean
     *   Make sure the break room is clean after use
     *   Make sure the bathroom is clean after use

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  *   High School diploma or GED required
  *   Excellent attendance record
  *   Detail oriented with specific emphasis on listening skills
  *   Must be able to pass and maintain background checks
  *   Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen
  *   Ability to take direction well
  *   Must possess basic computer skills

Working Conditions:

  *   Sitting and working at a desk/cubicle for 4-5 hours
  *   Working on a computer for 4-5 hours
  *   Wearing a headset for 4-5 hours

Amy L. Campbell
Director of Human Resources

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7501 Prospect
Kansas City, MO 64132

Main (816) 421-5848
Direct (816) 237-2007
Fax (816) 237-2019
Visit us online at www.alphapointe.org<http://www.alphapointe.org/>

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