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From: Kathe Hooton [mailto:koolkathe03 at hotmail.com] 
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To: Gary Wunder


Hi Gary!  I hope you get this, they changed the way the page looks and I
hate change!!!  We are having our yearly picnic at Lion's Club park on
Saturday, June the 1st and would like for you and Debbie and whatever family
you have come and join us.  If any other members want to come with you that
would be great too.


We plan to eat around noon, but hope to be there by 11:30 to visit and set
up.  We will be in Pavilion #5, near the front of the park.  We have a new
visitor, hopefully she will join, and she has a catering business.  She will
do the hamburgers, hot dogs and buns and our members will bring the rest.
We will have  short business meeting after we eat. 


We always have a good time, and it is a possibility that our newest member
will be born by then.  Tina, Jean Trammell's daughter, expects a baby boy
about that time.  A year and a half ago she had to leave our Christmas party
to have her baby girl. 


I know you are super busy all the time, but we sure hope you can make it
this year.  Let us know so we can have plenty of food!  I have a new
chocolate pie recipe to try, hope you like chocolate pie!


Take Care!  Kathe Hooton

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