[Nfbmo] Please Evaluate Public Posts

Shelia Wright sbwright95 at att.net
Mon Nov 11 17:24:41 UTC 2013

There is a thread that I believe began from frustration over something that
happened at a recent chapter meeting and the individual who began the thread
made an honest attempt to address the issue without publically mentioning
names. Let me encourage you to not post messages that are critical of our
members or guests. When problems arise andnames start creeping in, public
listserves probably are not the right forum to discuss or try to repair
damage. Nor does it reflect positively on our organization. Old fashion
forms of private communication between select members may be more effective
in resolving problems and/or developing strategies to prevent future


This is not directed at any one post. However, these kind of threads pop up
from time to time and the more people that get involved the more damaging
the discussion can become. I've said before, our listserve is open and a
window to the world. We don't always know who is observing what we do and
how our conversation will impact their interest in becoming part of us or
deciding they will not. 

Hopefully we all know that some things are not appropriate on Facebook or
Twitter. Well remember a listserve is not much different when it is an open
listserve, as ours happens to be. It's a great place to post anything we
want to be public.

I post this as the list moderator for consideration.

Shelia Wright

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