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Eric Calhoun eric at pmpmail.com
Mon Nov 11 18:41:07 UTC 2013

Shelia, you hit the nail on the head, ma'am!  James, it's not a matter of
which organization a person belongs to, why make that public?  If that
person wants to work with blind people, what business is it of theirs?  The
guest at your Chapter meeting is to sit and observe, and not make a
spectacle of herself.  While I agree that NFB and ACB business should not
mix, I do not concur that a guest has the right to tell NFB-Ers or ACB-ers
what to do, effectively taking meetings over.  That is not good etiquette.

We need to learn that meetings are not the time to have guests criticize
blindness organizations.  A guest gets in the Chapter, what she puts  %' f
the Chapter.  Remember the comment I made in the Ziegler some weeks back? 
Let me refresh your memory.  Games like "can you guess who this is?"
(asking what or where a blind person's allegiance belongs to or in,) needs
to be confined to the kindergartten classroom, and has no place in
advancing everybody's agendas, or the advancement of organizations.  NFB is
doing its part.  So is ACB.  It's time for the in-fighting to stop.  Now.



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