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She has asked me to pass this along. Please give her the feedback she needs.

From: Erin Jones 
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Subject: a wave from Erin Jones/NLS Narrator


Hi. I truly hope I am not sending this to you numerous times. I composed a rambling email to you and then my system seized up.

A Favor? I have been asked to speak at an AFB Banquet in Columbus on Nov. 16. I have been polling readers about their nls experience. My stint on Books and Beyond was so illuminating, I though I'd reach out to you and any other avid readers you'd like to pass this on to. I am good at distilling large amounts of info to it's essence. So here are some brain ticklers:

What is your earliest and/or most memorable experience reading through NLS?

Has there been a book that has had you laughing or crying?

Has there been a book that you just had to recommend to everyone you know?

And how can we narrators improve your experience?

For my personal reading, I liken it to the experience of different friends. Sometimes you want to dance and laugh and sometimes you want a quiet confidante. The breadth of material I have been fortunate to read for NLS, (even if perhaps I was not the best fit), has taken me on quite a few twisting, turning journeys.

Ann Patchett's State of Wonder was like that for me and of course it was an actual journey. At first I thought, 'these characters are not particularly likeable', and then I would answer myself, 'neither are some people. But they have a story that has made them the way they are.' 

My only issue with our NLS work is the frantic pace at which we are made to record. I rarely have any time for book discussion with my editors except in regard to the logistics of recording. Productivity trumps TLC and I worry the work suffers. I hope we hit more than we miss. Also it is kind of lonely-making not to be able to discuss and nurture the book.

I look forward to your feedback. If anybody else you know is interested in chipping in they can contact me directly ej2roads at yahoo.com
or through info at aph.org

Many thanks!


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