[Nfbmo] Vehicle Donation Program

Randy Carmack randycarmack at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 22:20:46 UTC 2014

Hi everyone, I have several question about the NFB's Vehicle Donation
Program and figured someone on the List Serve would know the answers to.

1. Where do proceeds from the Vehicle Donation Program go to (Local, State
and/or National Affiliate)?

2. What funds do the proceeds from the program go into (General fund,

3. What percentage of the proceeds does NFB actually receive after paying
administrative, tow and auction fees?

4. Can someone who is donating a vehicle designate how they wish for
proceeds to be distributed (ie: 1/3 to Local Chapter, 1/3 to State
Affiliate and 1/3 to National)?

Thanks in advance for your answers to these questions.

Randy Carmack

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