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Good afternoon, my friends. We need new members, and there's nothing new
about this statement. Below is a proposal about how we might get some. Is
there anyone on this list who is interested in forming a human services
division? Please read what follows:





August 14, 2014


Dear Affiliate Presidents,


          One of the highest priorities of the National Federation of the
Blind is the recruitment of new members into our Movement. As we enhance our
membership, we increase the strength of our voice and the effectiveness of
our mission. The Human Services Division can help both the Division and your
State Affiliate recruit and retain strong, dedicated members. I believe
there is an untapped wealth of members in your state eager to join your
affiliate and the Human Services Division, ready to work hard, and prepared
to accept leadership roles. Are you interested? If so, read on!


We are the NFB Human Services Division, a place for advocacy & fellowship
for those of us working in, or contemplating working in, one of the many
professions that can be described as human services.  We are Social Workers,
Mental Health Counselors, other mental health professionals, Occupational,
Speech, & Physical Therapists, Massage, Music & Recreational Therapists, as
well as other specialties, such as Genetics Counselors, Dieticians & other
medical professionals. We encompass a wide variety of professions!


Our membership and Board of Directors include students & employed
professionals with decades of experience.  One of the greatest challenges
faced by the blind, as demonstrated by the Resolutions of the 2014
convention, is access to technology.  The NFB and the Human Services
Division is helping to make this easier, currently working to ensure that
all Electronic Health Records are accessible by screen reading software; an
issue the Human Services Division is championing for clinical staff.  The
Board of Directors of the NFB's Human Services Division has also voted to
work diligently on the issue of accessible licensing and certification
examinations, as well as  the associated  study materials and practice


As we have worked to remove these barriers, we  have found that the layers
for both are deep and wide.  We have also discovered both have similar
national components, as well as different state -wide elements.  With this
new understanding, the Board of Directors of the Human Services Division has
decided to create State affiliate divisions to support equitable treatment
throughout our nation and to empower affiliates to advocate for the local
changes needed in the professions represented by our Division.  In the
spirit of  75 Days of Action, we believe now is the time to begin this
initiative; therefore, I am requesting that affiliate presidents reach out
to their current membership to see if there is an interest in creating a
Human Services Division.  We currently have members in five affiliates
interested in forming affiliate divisions: California, Florida, Maryland,
Michigan, and Virginia.     


If you are interested in learning more about forming an affiliate human
Services Division, please get in touch with me. You will find my contact
information below my signature.   You might also be interested in attending
one of our Board Meetings held by teleconference once per month which are
open to all or having a representative join in. Our next meeting will be
held Sunday, September 7th at 8:00 PMEastern (7:00 p.m. Central; 6:00
Mountain; or 5:00 p.m. Pacific).  the call in instructions are posted to the
Human Services discussion list about one week prior to each meeiting. You
may also send me an email request for these instructions. 


Our discussion list, hosted by NFBNET, offers a good place to help others
with suggestions and encouragement, or to ask for assistance. The
professionals within the Division are individuals that are dedicating their
lives to work toward empowering others and to aid individuals in the choice
of positive change, whether physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.
Let us all be a part of change.


With warm regards,

Merry C. Schoch, MSW, President

NFB Human Services Division

813 625 1850 

merrys at verizon.net


        David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
E-Mail:  dandrews at visi.com or david.andrews at nfbnet.org

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