[Nfbmo] Have a business that decided to rip me off

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I would say three things here:

First, if all the NFB has is BS, then why are you here.

2.  Is it possible that you are angry with us because we didn't 
automatically agree with you.  Gary is right, there is no way you can 
prove your allegation, probably the best you can do is to not support 
this establishment, and urge others not to do so.

and 3. Is it possible, that you gave them four ones instead of a five 
and three ones -- and they were right?


At 01:27 PM 8/15/2014, you wrote:
>The usual NFB bullshit.
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>That was interesting especially the kiss.
>jim moynihan
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> > Hello, Jordan. I don't believe I've seen any responses to your
> > question on the list, but it may be that I have not been diligent in my
> >
> > It is hard to know how you can do anything that will be economically
> > significant to you. Filing a court case over fifteen dollars will be a
> > tough proposition financially. What proof can anyone bring to a court?
> > When it gets to be my word against your word, how can a judge
> > determine which of us is telling the truth?
> >
> > I don't know what the experiences of other people on the list are, but
> > I don't think this is ever happened to me. My father recently asked me
> > how many times people have taken advantage of me because I cannot see
> > the bills that I give them. In truth I can't think of a time when I
> > came up short and thought it was thievery. I can, however, think of
> > countless times when I have handed someone a bill, and they have saved
> > me from myself by telling me that I did not hand them a ten but a
> > twenty. I can also think of humorous times when this is happened as
> > when I asked a waitress to accompany me through a salad bar that cost
> > six dollars, meant to give her a ten, accidentally gave her a twenty
> > dollar bill, and didn't realize it until she jumped over the bar, gave
> > me a kiss, and told me that she had prayed to God that very morning
> > about how she was going to make her rent and that I had given her
> > enough to do that. I liked the hug, enjoyed the kiss, and did not tell
> > her that I had made a mistake and only intended to give her four
> > dollars for the trip to the salad bar. I was plenty content to, at
> > least for that moment, be the agent that God had promised.
> >
> > Warmly,
> >
> > Gary
> >
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> >
> > I think we have all probably have had this happen at least once in our
> > lives, but this seems to be the worst I have ever seen a business do
> > to me.
> > Read on to find out what happened, and for any Blind person or sighted
> > person stay away from The Bell in Liberty, MO
> >
> > I used to be a regular at The Bell until June 29th.  I went there at
> > about
> > 7:00 that night and ordered my usual, the French Dip.  At right about
> > 8:00 the waitress came by and asked if I was ready for my Bill, and I said
> > She went away with it, came back, and just threw it on the table.  I
> > never did locate it.  No big problem for me since I knew what the
> > total was going to be, $14.50.  I paid in Cash that night.  I had
> > $8.00 of Bills and
> > $17.25
> > in quarters, which is 69 quarters.  So, I pulled the $8.00 out and
> > counted out, carefully, $6.50 in quarters, which is 26 quarters.  The
> > waitress comes back and tries to tell me that I only gave her $9.75.
> > I knew that not to be correct, and I stood my ground.  A manager came
> > out and tried the same stunt, and I finally just got up and left.  I
> > really did not care that I was told never to come back because I never
> > would go back there after that anyway.  I arrived back at my apartment
> > and decided to count the quarters I had remaining in my pocket.  I had
> > 43 quarters remaining.  I find it absolutely appaling that the owner
> > of the business is not even realizing that there is a problem and
> > tells me it's my fault.  How do I love it when businesses try to take
> > advantage of me as a Blind person.  I want to know how best to proceed
> > against this business at this point.
> >
> > Jordan
> >

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