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Subject: Missouri Specifics for Upcoming FIXWIA Campaign 


Hello Missouri Federationists,


Below is an explanation of a way you can help us, on Wednesday, February 5,
to have a big impact on an important legislative issue. Please set aside a
few moments of your time this Wednesday to send a clear message to our two
Missouri Senators. Their contact information is at the end of this message.
Your post, tweets, and/or phone call will let them know what is important to
their constituents. Let’s participate in some collective action to help them
understand the importance of them taking action on this issue. 


a few weeks ago, we had a great #FixWIA campaign.  We are going to do this
again on  Wednesday. Neither of our Missouri senators have indicated whether
they will help eliminate the two issues we have with the Reauthorization of
the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).


We have two main concerns with WIA.  First, we are concerned with Title 5,
Section 511.  If the Senate bill passes as written, subminimum wages for
workers with disabilities will be a part of the Rehabilitation Act for the
first time ever.  Ultimately, we would like to phase out Section 14 (c) of
the Fair Labor Standards Act, but keeping this antiquated provision out of
WIA is an important first step. 


Second, we do not want to see the Rehabilitation Services Administration
move from the Department of Education to the Department of Labor.  No
research can illustrate how this move will improve services for people with
disabilities.  In fact, we fear that services will become less efficient.
The Department of Education focuses on educating, or training, people to
become employed, whereas the Department of Labor only takes into
consideration the existing skills.  People with disabilities need training. 


If you would like more information please read our blog


If you prefer to contact them by phone on Wednesday, that will work too.
Everyone does not have to worry about covering all the details. We are
looking for getting as many constituents as possible to weigh in on the
issue. If the line is constantly busy,  try calling before office hours or
at the end of the day.  


Sen. Roy Blunt

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenatorBlunt‎

Twitter: @RoyBlunt

Phone: 202-224-5721

Webpage: Blunt.senate.gov


Sen. Claire McCaskill

Facebook:  https://ww. <https://ww.facebook.com/clairemccaskill>

Twitter: @ClaireCMC or @McCaskillOffice

Phone: 202-224-6154

Webpage: McCaskill.senate.gov



Thanks All – Let’s Make it Happen!

Shelia Wright, First Vice President and Missouri Legislative Director

National Federation of the Blind of Missouri


Mobile: 816-679-5258

Twitter: @kcgamecock7577



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