[Nfbmo] Meetings at the convention

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 22 00:01:56 UTC 2014

For a very long time now we have had meetings on Friday evening of what we
consider our core committees: 
Ways and Means, Membership, and Resolutions. When we started forming
divisions, we put them there as well: Dog Guide, Student, and Merchants. The
problem is that the time between 7 PM and 10 PM has not expanded along with
our demands-three hours is still just 180 minutes. We have tried to allot
more time by saying we will move some activities to Friday afternoon. People
like this idea until it gets close to convention, at which time they realize
they won't or can't arrive at the hotel before four or five o'clock, so they
don't want meetings that start before they have had a chance to check in to
the hotel and perhaps have some food.


My question is whether all of the committees that traditionally meet need to
do so at the convention? Does the Membership Committee conduct business that
is enhanced by the in-person meeting on Friday evening? Ways and Means must
have a time and place to distribute tickets; is the convention meeting on
Friday the best time for that? Are any of the divisions able to meet earlier
in the day, thereby making it possible to meet longer and to let members who
belong to more than one division or committee participate in them?


In some science fiction the characters are good about manipulating space and
time. I am less talented than they are. I welcome your creative suggestions
and comments.




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