[Nfbmo] Meetings at the convention

Chris cktisdal at charter.net
Sat Feb 22 21:40:03 UTC 2014

Hey Gary,

Well, oh wise one, I don't reqally know if there is a correct answere or 

I have seen Dog Guide meet at sic o'clock, Membership meet mor an hour, to 
talk about whatever program they were doing and fund raising, however, they 
may hold a conference call before convention a time or two.

Ways and Means usually works on who might work on the auction and as you 
said giving out the tickets.  That is if I remember this correctly.

So I guess for what it is worth, maybe some of these committees could really 
meet by conference call instead of at convention.  Perhaps, that might even 
cut down on room cost, if there is a cost.

Hope this is of help and not too long of babbling!!!



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Subject: [Nfbmo] Meetings at the convention

> For a very long time now we have had meetings on Friday evening of what we
> consider our core committees:
> Ways and Means, Membership, and Resolutions. When we started forming
> divisions, we put them there as well: Dog Guide, Student, and Merchants. 
> The
> problem is that the time between 7 PM and 10 PM has not expanded along 
> with
> our demands-three hours is still just 180 minutes. We have tried to allot
> more time by saying we will move some activities to Friday afternoon. 
> People
> like this idea until it gets close to convention, at which time they 
> realize
> they won't or can't arrive at the hotel before four or five o'clock, so 
> they
> don't want meetings that start before they have had a chance to check in 
> to
> the hotel and perhaps have some food.
> My question is whether all of the committees that traditionally meet need 
> to
> do so at the convention? Does the Membership Committee conduct business 
> that
> is enhanced by the in-person meeting on Friday evening? Ways and Means 
> must
> have a time and place to distribute tickets; is the convention meeting on
> Friday the best time for that? Are any of the divisions able to meet 
> earlier
> in the day, thereby making it possible to meet longer and to let members 
> who
> belong to more than one division or committee participate in them?
> In some science fiction the characters are good about manipulating space 
> and
> time. I am less talented than they are. I welcome your creative 
> suggestions
> and comments.
> Gary
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