[Nfbmo] An Important Blind Pension Letter

Eugene S Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Fri Oct 3 05:52:41 UTC 2014

The letter was from the Department of Social Services and was mailed on 
September 23.
If you did not receive it it likely for one of two reasons:
First, you may have moved since your last review and they do not have your 
current address.
Second, you may not actually be on Blind Pension but instead be on 
Supplemental Aid to the Blind. Many, many folks do not know which program 
they are on as they are so similar and the check amount is the same. If you 
are on Supplemental Aid to the Blind you did not get a letter as nothing is 
changing for you.
To check and see if Family Support has  your correct address or which 
program you are on if you did not get a letter call 1-855-FSD-Info 
(1-855-363-4636). These are the only questions they will be able to answer 
for you.
If they have your correct address and tell you that you are on Blind Pension 
than send an Email to PartDQuestions at DSS.MO.Gov and ask them why you did not 
get a letter.

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  First, should I have already gotten the original letter?  Who should it be
from?  I don't really understand these options.


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