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DanFlasar at aol.com DanFlasar at aol.com
Mon Oct 6 08:32:54 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I also enjoyed the technology seminar very  much.   We all have our own 
interests - in my case, the demo of the  NLS iPhone app and the Victor Reader 
Stream (latest version), as well as the  iPhone and JAWS demos were of 
particular interest, but like Gary, I learned  something from all the 
presentations.  All of them were well-organized and  well-presented, no small feat given 
the small amount of time  available.   Streaming the proceedings via 
conference call was a great  idea as well.
   I do want to make an observation on  timing.   Given that the seminar 
was available on conference call,  there should have been no delay in starting 
the days activities at 10 as  planned.   We in the Lewis & clark van heard  
the proceedings very clearly via iPhone and speakers.  I assume  the other 
vans/vehicles could also access the call. Since the presentations  were all 
non-visual anyway, hearing a lecture on the road was almost as good as  
being there.  the decision to delay the start of the meeting was thoughtful  - 
and appreciated, but given how deeply it cut into the day, it might have been 
 better just to get started on time.  I'm sure it was a tough  call.
     Dacia, great job getting this organized  and recruiting such 
knowledgeable speakers.  Thanks for your hard work in  making this a success.
PS:   In other news, our chapter t-shirts came in - they  look pretty 
snazzy - black shirts with white lettering surrounding the NFB of  Missouri logo. 
 Thanks to Mike Daft who dedicated time and effort to  providing the design 
for the shirt, to Jerry and Patty Wilson for doing the  legwork in finding 
a printer that could get the work done in our time frame as  well as giving 
us a great deal - and to Chris Tisdal for keeping us all on  schedule.  
They'll be certain to catch the eye of passersby at our  Walkathon next Saturday 
in Tower Grove Park.
Dan Flasar
Lewis & Clark Chapter
_danflasar at aol.com_ (mailto:danflasar at aol.com) 

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