[Nfbmo] How to deal with well-intentioned sighted folks?

Rosina Solano colemangirly at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 27 15:23:25 UTC 2015

Oh my goodness!!  I just have to share.  I am sighted, so fair warning right there, lol.  My family members and friends give me articles and stories ALL THE TIME about this.  Maybe years ago I might have been interested, but seriously I am pretty happy with my kids just the way they are.  It is extremely aggravating as it makes me feel like my boys could be improved.  They are pretty darn awesome for who they are, why can't they see that?  However, I just take the info and say, "How interesting.  I'll read it."   I try to think of it from their point.  They really have no idea.  We can tell them and show them examples and it really wont matter.  It's not that they don't think blind people can't be independent at all.  It comes from the deep inner idea that everyone wants to be perfect or fixed.  Our society flaunts it.  Look at adds for weight loss, the newest clothing, and so much more.   While it hurts and is aggravating, I know that they mean well.  They just don't equate it.  I suppose if every month I gave them articles on weight loss or plastic surgery they might get suspicious, but I still don't think they would get it.  While they might say that it doesn't matter, it does TO THEM, so they assume it does to everyone. I love my boys just the way they are and I wouldn't change them now if something did come along.  Personally, I know both the boys feel the same way.  We just kinda do that grin that says, "again?" and say thanks.  It wouldn't matter if we said something, they would still continue.  I think it makes them feel better. Rosina  Rosina Foster  NFBMO - Show Me Chapter MOPOBC - Missouri Parents of Blind Children



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