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Hello, Erin. I fixed Julie's title, and thank you for catching it.

As for the divisions, it is all a juggling act. I think that we have to
realize that not everything that we want said to the membership can be said
on the convention floor, and this is one of the reasons that we publish the
Blind Missourian. Now it may be that we want division reports to be a part
of every convention, and if this is the case, the convention or the board
can certainly say so, and it will be done. Several years ago we decided to
remove chapter reports because we found that all too often what was being
talked about was what was going to happen rather than what had happened in
the past year. Of course, if people want those back, there is certainly no
reason that they can't have them.

I think part of what we have to figure out, and the thing I struggle with
every year, is what we put in and what we leave out. Should we decide that
some years we don't want to hear from Wolfner library? Should we decide that
RSB is not an annual item? Can the presidential report be something that is
placed in the Blind Missourian rather than delivered? Should the committee
reports be placed in the Blind Missourian instead of being squeezed into the
Sunday morning program? All of this is a matter of judgment, and sometimes I
call it right and sometimes I call it wrong. I'm certainly interested to
know how others feel about this, if not for this agenda then certainly for
ones in the future.

Thanks again for your updates. I appreciate them. 

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Hi Gary,

Julie is the President of The Guide Dog Division, and you have chairman.
Also, what about division reports?  We had them last year, why not this

Thank you

On 3/17/15, Gary Wunder via Nfbmo <nfbmo at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Greetings ladies and gentlemen. This is the agenda as I have it now. 
> Before I go to print and Braille with it, I urge you to look it over. 
> Perhaps I have planted something for you to correct, or, as is more 
> likely, you may find a mistake. Thank you for looking it over, and do 
> send any corrections to me at
> mailto:gwunder at earthlink.net
> Warmly,
> Gary Wunder, President
> National Federation of the Blind of Missouri

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