[Nfbmo] Yesterday's Board Meeting

Daniel Garcia dangarcia3 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 4 06:03:20 UTC 2015

First of all, on behalf of the Kansas City Chapter I would like to thank the
Jefferson City Chapter for their hospitality. I would like to thank Rita
Lynch for providing me with the necessary information to make my trip a
smooth one and for taking quick action to ensure I did not arrive late to
the meeting.

Due to time constraints, there wer a few things I did not get to bring up at
the meeting.

1. With regards to the web site, there are only some minor issues. I have
written the Chair of the Web Site Committee regaarding this.

2. In the same way that the NFB web site gives you the option to download
the text or audio version of the Braille Monitor, I would like to be able to
download either the text or audio version of the Blind Missourian so that I
may listen in my BookPort Plus or NLS reader.

3. When will the Jefferson City Seminar be held in 2016? Will the Government
Affairs Committee have to decide this?

Overall, it was a great and exciting trip. For the past year and a half, I
have been doing pretty much the same routs to and from work and to the store
and chapter meetings. I was beginning to wonder if my travel skills had gone
downhill. This weekend showed me that traveling independently to an
unfamiliar city once in a while can be a good thing. I think that my O&M
instructor at the Training Center for the Blind in Kalamazoo (Amber Willard)
would be happy with what happened this weekend. 

I challenge you to takethe initiative and travel independently to a state
board meeting or state convention happening in a city not being your
hometown. I am not saying traveling by car is bad because I will more than
likely be travelling by cars to these events in the future, but rather what
I am saying is that one time you should challenge yourself and travel
independently. Going to the grocery has become routine. But traveling to a
new city and coming back home in 1 piece is still a thrill, at least for me.

Best Regards


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