[Nfbmo] {Spam?} Uber in St. Louis. hearing today

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Thu Aug 11 19:50:18 UTC 2016

Is there a link to the specifics of this case?  From the scant  description 
here, it appears that the St. Louis County cab companies want to  limnit 
competition (which could certainly be true) but to be successful, they  have 
to claim more than economic self-interest.  The most common objection  other 
cities (and countries) have to Uber is they claim to be exempt from the  
same rules taxi companies have to adhere to.
    The recent victory over Uber requiring  their  contractors (Uber 
drivers are not employees) to pick up clients with service  dogs is a good first 
step to bring Uver and other app-driven services) into  compliance with 
safety regulations and other current laws.  And in the  process, perhaps the cab 
companies will have to adapt to a more  customer-friendly mode themselves.
    For a fuller discussion of the problems Uber is having  around the 
world, check out this link:
     Drivers who were lured to Uber with promises of  $40/hour found that 
when all expenses are taken into account, they make less  than minimum wage, 
and could lose everything if they have an accident.  If  this doesn't 
change, Uber won't be able to attract enough drivers to  continue.
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I wanted  to share that there will be a hearing in St. Louis County Circuit 
court  today.  The St. Louis Taxi Commission is seeking a restraining order 
to  stop uber operating here immediately.  This was originally sent to  
Federal court however the judge sent the case back here.  This hearing  was 
only announced a few hours ago.  I know some of you use uber so  please watch 
the app carefully.  If the MTC wins uber will be forced to  stop service 
immediately.    Robyn

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