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> Please look at these sentences, and fix them.  If you can, tell me what is
> wrong with them?
> 1.  My dog and my cat is two good pets.
Use the word are instead of the word is because with a plural subject, one 
needs a plural verb.

> 2.  When we come to our next convention we will have an election.
I would change it to read as follows, At our next convention, we will have 
an election.
> 3.  I am a lineman for the county and I drive the main road.
insert a comma after the word county.
> 4.  Time flies like an arrow: fruit flies like a banana.

Use a semicolon instead of a colon.
> 5.  He was a Father who loved Father's Day.


> 6.  My father was born in 1927!
Use a period instead of an explamation point.

> 7.  The Department is responsible for overseeing the Missouri Blind 
> Pension.

> 8.  President Obama has just over a month to serve!
Use a period at the end.

> 9.  Donald Tump is our President Elect.
Should be Donald Trump.

> 10.  Many foreign policy issues are handled by the Secretary of State.

> 11.  Our current secretary of state is John Cari, who was previously a
> united states senator.
I would capitalize the S in Secretary and in State and make it a capital U 
in United And a capital S in States.

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