[Nfbmo] Social media needs you

amy plumlee olddrumnfb at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 21:08:09 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

Last night we had a social media committee meeting call. It came to my attention that our committee is open and anyone who is an admin on their chapter page or just curious about what we are doing on social media is welcome. In the future I will be announcing our meetings here so anyone who is interested may attend.

We discussed how there are lots of questions about Facebook and there are also myths about Facebook. I would love to see more people in Missouri interacting with our Facebook page. 

What information do you need to get more involved? Is it how to set up a basic page? How to see the posts on your newsfeed?  Does your chapter need a training on how to use Facebook?
Please let us know so we can assist you in every way possible. 

You can reply to this email for your answers or send me a direct email at olddrumnfb at gmail.com. you can also call me directly at 660-441-1907. I am always willing to help fellow federationist any way I can. 

When you interact with the Facebook page such as Liking a post, commenting or sharing a post it helps spread the federations message to those who may not know about the NFB. When you do these things with our Facebook page it spreads our reach even further. 

Happy Holidays to everyone! Let us build the Federation

Amy Plumlee
Social Media Chairperson

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