[Nfbmo] Registering for State Convention

Gail Bryant gbryant at socket.net
Wed Mar 29 01:48:21 UTC 2017

You know the way I look at it is thatwe we're all one big happy family.  Now
in a family, sometimes we have to do things that we may or may not like.
But we do it because we are part of that family.


Look at the alternative.  As part of this family, we work to better our
lives and improve things for one another.  We're not on the street corner
begging for coins.  And mostly, we don't have to settle for second-class
nonsense because of the things we have worked on to improve. So bite the
bullet and register.  If you don't want to register, don't complain about
your lot in life.  Like Randy said, we get great rates because of our
registration numbers.  Look at other conferences.  We don't have to pay $200
a night and we don't have to pay high registration rates.  Look at your
chapter dues.  Most organizations pay much higher dues just to be a part of
that organization. And whether we complain or not, and whether we register
or not, people still love us and care about us whether we complain or not.
So register, come join us, and work for the good of the organization. If
that's not a good choice for you, move on and let the rest of us continue
the good work we do.  Climbing off my soapbox.s  


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