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Below is a message from Rita Lynch regarding a bill in the Missouri
Legislature concerning shared rides such as Uber and Lift. This bill
initially came about to help bring Uber to Jefferson City but would pave the
way for such companies to be able to operate in other areas in Missouri.
This may be helpful to many of us and it will be great have new
transportation options for all of us when we visit our capital city.


Please read what Rita has to say and act accordingly.





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Greetings Federation Friends, 


I just spoke with Senator Onder's office who is handling the Uber bill on
the senate side. It is presently on the senate informal calendar known as
senate substitute for HB 130. The reason it is on this calendar is because
several changes have been made to the bill when it got to the senate. The
changes had to do with some differences between Kansas City and St. Louis
regarding regulatory audits. There was also an amendment added which has to
do with drivers not being able to drive for Uber if they had been issued a
ticket for careless and imprudent driving within seven years. 


I also called our Senator, Mike Kehoe's office and asked that he, as
Majority Floor Leader, take up this bill  for a vote so that when it passes,
it can then be sent back to the House to accept the changes that were made
to the bill before it would go to the Governor's office for signature.



Senator Kehoe's office number is 573-751-2076 and Senator Onder's office
number is 573-751-1282. 


If anyone has any questions, let me know.


We need to encourage that this bill gets through asap. Thanks!







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