[Nfbmo] Why I Am A Federationist

Shelia Wright sbwright95 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 16:04:29 UTC 2017

I'd like to share #why I am a Federationist - The National Federation of the
Blind was there to help me when no one else seemed to care or believe that I
would amount to anything. Federation leaders in my home state, advocated for
me and helped me get the services I needed which were being denied. I first
got into the Federation out of gratitude for the help. I soon discovered
that I could learn so much from other blind people. I did not have to
re-invent the wheel every time I needed to do something new. I liked trying
new things but I no longer needed to struggle or feel defeated when a
technique was not forthcoming. I learned that the question was not "if I
could" but "how I would".  


The Federation gave me many, many opportunities and when I was asked to do
something I was not so sure I could do, the response was "girl, you can do
it. The positive attitudes, the love and support, and the high expectations
that come from the underlying philosophy of the Federation has been life
changing for me. I have continued as a Federationist because I want to give
back to the organization and to blind people that need love, hope and
determination. I want to help remove obstacles that stand between blind
people and their dreams.


Shelia Wright

Kansas City, Missouri



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