[Nfbmo] transsition to blindness call

Debbie Wunder debbiewunder at charter.net
Thu Sep 14 22:44:16 UTC 2017

Hello everyone, tonight at eight is our transition to blindness call. 


This is an open discussion call about transitioning to blindness. A place
where you can share any ups or downs that you may be dealing with. It is a
meeting that it is an open discussion about what ever you would like to talk
about in regards to your blindness. 


It is an upbeat call where it is alright to share any of your feeling,
questions, low points, or high points. So please join us; you may be new to
blindness, maybe you have been blind for sometine, but perhaps you have
never felt comfortable in reaching out to others, or maybe you did not know
who to talk with.


So please bring your positive energy and join us for this enlightening,
sometimes funny, and sometimes serious conversation.


Please try to be on time. We willhold the c call to one hour; mute your
phone after announcing your arrival so as to block out back ground noise.


The call in number is 1 605 468 8005access code 1774.



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